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Pringle Joinery • Meet Our Team

Our professional and talented team ensures we complete each project to the high standard our clients expect. Click on the pictures to meet our experienced staff who will help to transform your home. Speak to a member of our team now on 0141 634 9759.

 theboss.jpg Euan Pringle - Company Director & Owner
 tammy.jpg  Tammi Ducie - Office Assistant

Pringle Joinery - Site Foreman

Simon_Wallace_foreman_8.jpg Simon Wallace - Site Foreman

Pringle Joinery - Joiners

steven_mcMillan_JO_11.jpg  Steven McMillan - Joiner
paul_brannan_JO_6.jpg  Paul Brannan - Joiner
ryan_nobes_AppJO_3.jpg   Ryan Nobes - 3rd Year Apprentice Joiner
 james_jarvis_AppJO_2.jpg James Jarvis - 2nd Year Apperntice Joiner
 natily_hamilton_AppJO_1.jpg Natalie Hamilton - 1st Year Apprentice Joiner

Pringle Joinery - Plumbers

paul_mclellan_PL_22.jpg Paul McLellan - Plumber

Pringle Joinery - Electricians

jerry_oshea_ELEC_24.jpg Jerry Oshea - Electrician
kevin_smith_ELEC_10.jpg Kevin Smith - Electrician

Pringle Joinery - Roofers & Roughcasters

Robert_Tamborini_Rough_22.jpg Robert Tamborini - Roofer & Roughcaster

Pringle Joinery - Plasterers

 generic.jpg Irfan Derin - Plasterer

Pringle Joinery - Ground Workers

 Willie_Hamilton_GW_30.JPG  Willie Hamilton - Ground Worker
Brian_Hamilton_GW_9.jpg Brian Hamilton - Ground Worker

home-extentions.jpgHome Extensions
Whatever the size, we’ll ensure your home can have the fantastic additional space that you require.
Find out more by clicking here.

Every sunroom is unique and we’ll ensure you get the right look, at the right cost, whilst adhering to building guidelines. Find out more by clicking here.

building-services.jpgDesign Services
We help you design a building with your ideas, practicalities & legal requirements ensuring satisfaction for  your home.
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