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Property Extension & Interior

This client originally came to us asking for a conservatory to which we explained the various advantages of a sunroom.  We took their idea and added our touch whilst giving them exactly what they wanted and more.  We created a largely glass building that they can use all year round.

We fitted 4 velux roof windows to enhance the natural light into the room thus keeping to their specification for a glass structure.  The entire front elevation is made up of glass all the way to the roof and each side also has a window.  All the walls, the floor and the ceilings are fully insulated which allows the client to use the room all year round.  
Scope of Works


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Scope Of Works

  • We built a large sunroom to the rear of the property.  
  • This was built with a steel frame to allow us to use as much glass as possible giving the look of a conservatory but the functionality of a home extension.  


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