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Sunrooms Gallery

You don’t need to just imagine what we can do for your home, view the pictures below and you can see what Pringle Joinery could do for you. Look at our range of pictures to see our high standard of craftmanship and how we can create the sunroom you desire. Whatever you want from your new build, we can make it happen with the minimal amount of upheaval to your life.


Sunroom in East Kilbride

  • mullek008.jpeg
  • mullek004.jpeg
  • mullek001.jpeg
  • mullek003.jpeg
  • mullek005.jpeg
  • mullek006.jpeg

Sunroom in Croftfoot

  • elmore015.jpeg
  • elmore003.jpeg
  • elmore007.jpeg
  • elmore010.jpeg
  • elmore014.jpeg

Additional Family Room With Open Plan Kitchen

  • extention-interior004.jpeg
  • extention-interior013.jpeg
  • extention-interior006.jpeg
  • extention-interior007.jpeg
  • extention-interior001.jpeg
  • extention-interior000.jpeg

Same Extension as Above With Differant Layout Inside

Here we built the same extension to the next door neighbour's property a year later and decided to join the two properties together as they were part of a terraced block previously.  Notice how the external size is the same on each house but the internal layouts are completely differant, designed to suit the needs of each client. 

  • extention-interior009.jpeg
  • TNS_3245.jpg
  • TNS_3272.jpg
  • TNS_3289.jpg
  • TNS_3270.jpg
  • TNS_3292.jpg

home-extentions.jpgHome Extensions
Whatever the size, we’ll ensure your home can have the fantastic additional space that you require.
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Every sunroom is unique and we’ll ensure you get the right look, at the right cost, whilst adhering to building guidelines. Find out more by clicking here.

building-services.jpgDesign Services
We help you design a building with your ideas, practicalities & legal requirements ensuring satisfaction for  your home.
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